Naturopathic consultations are available in person or via Skype.

Layla practices in Manly and Byron Bay. Clinic days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday consults available on SKYPE only.

For Byron Bay clinic dates please contact Layla on 0421955809.

The Initial Naturopathic Consultation is 90 minutes and follow-up consultations are 60 minutes. Other Health Coaching consultations are also available. Please see below for more information. 


90 MINUTES - $290

Upon booking the Initial consult, you will be sent a Health Questionnaire to fill out.  The consultation includes an assessment of your medical history to gain a detailed understanding of where you have come from and therefor develop a personalised treatment protocol, specific to your individual needs. 

Using this information, Layla is able to support and alleviate presenting symptoms and then uncover the root cause of any concerns.

During the Initial consultation, you may be recommended a blend of diet and nutritional advice, herbal and nutritional supplements as well as possible referral to other practitioners for additional therapy or testing. Layla has a complete herbal and nutritional dispensary where you can purchase recommended prescriptions.


2nd consult


The second consultation is typically 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation. This amount of time allows the patient to make changes to diet and lifestyle and observe the effects of any herbal and nutritional supplements recommended. This also allows time for any further testing to be done and results to be returned. During the time in between consultations, Layla encourages open communication with her patients via text or email for maximum support.



 $180/ hour

Ongoing follow up consultations are dependant upon the needs and commitment of the individual and will differ from patient to patient. Often Layla will see patients more frequently to begin and then the time between consults will grow as the patients health improves and you are able to manage your health independently.



60 MINUTES - $150

The Food as Medicine Consult is for those individuals who would like to fine tune their diet to address their health and wellbeing goals.

Goals may include: weight loss, reduce pain and inflammation, reduce stress, improve sleep, increase energy, boost the immune system. This may also be suitable for parents who would like dietary advice for fussy eating kids.

The Food as Medicine consultation includes Health and Wellbeing Goal setting, assessment of a 7 day food diary, recommended meal plan and shopping list.