When I first started working with Layla I was very sick with multiple, recurrent infections and my body had gone into shut down. I had seen Dr’s who gave me 3 minutes of their time and continued to prescribe me antibiotics which were making me sicker.

Layla was like a breath of fresh air. She was thorough in her questioning and ongoing investigation. She referred for further testing and discovered other health conditions that had not been diagnosed before. Layla recommended me a personalised treatment plan and prescribed me herbs, supplements and a diet specific for me which she tailored and changed along the way as I got better and healed myself.

The results for me were nothing short of phenomenal and Layla was readily available at every step along the way, both in and out of consultation hours, to provide her help, advice, encouragement and support.

I would recommend Layla and her services to anybody who is suffering from either acute illness, long-standing issues or even if you just wish to receive nutritional/dietary advice.

I cannot speak highly enough of this lady! Thank you for educating me and transforming my life.
— Kelly, Manly
I met Layla at a social event and was apprehensive to see Layla as an alternative to a dr as Id never seen a ‘naturopath’ and my opinion was they were hippies and believed in magic cures.

My first impression was that Layla was very calm and approachable. What got me into her clinic was that she seemed really happy and genuinely interested in helping me even though we had just met and I had no interest at the time to become one of her patients.

From the first consultation, I felt like I was seeing an expert in her field. Definitely not a witch dr. But someone who knows what they are talking about. Combine her passion to help me and instant positive change in my health and I was converted.

She still regularly checks in on me to see how Im doing and if Im ok and to keep me on track. When I saw her regularly, she gave me food and nutrition hand outs and recipes, websites and podcasts to listen to. You can tell how passionate she is about helping people. You feel completely taken care of.
— Blake, Manly
My Chiropractor recommended I see Layla for the IBS I suffer. I had been sick for years with digestive problems which the dr prescribed buscopan and more fibre.

After the first consult with Layla I felt like a new person. All I changed in the first session was diet while I had some testing done and I felt 50% better. The test results showed I had a parasite and so Layla put me on a program to fix the parasite and heal my gut. I finished off with a personalised detox and havnt had a tummy complaint since.
— Glenn, Camperdown
I brought my 14-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter to see Layla for acne and stress from the recommendation from my GP and colleague who works with Layla. My son had been diagnosed with ADHD as a younger child and so found as puberty hit, the changes in his hormones were causing him to be very moody and aggressive as well as the normal troubles of teen acne. My older daughter also suffers from acne and had been getting sick regularly from the stress of HSC and school performance.

We needed help with their skin, stress with school and immune support.

Layla gave some food recommendations and some natural medicines for the stress and skin problems.
Layla also taught the 3 of us to meditate which has hugely changed the whole family’s mental health and home life is much more pleasant.

Now that the kids are feeling good, I will start seeing Layla myself. I highly recommend Layla as a naturopath and meditation teacher. Her approach is very professional and very caring and supportive at the same time.
— Deanne, Dee Why
I met Layla at a health seminar she was speaking at about Gut health.

She was so informative and explained things so clearly that I signed up for her 6-week gut healing program on the night.

I had weekly sessions and was given a 6 week program that included herbal medicine and supplement tablets, a huge diet overhaul and a booklet of recipes and FAQ’s. I have suffered from IBS since I was a child from long term antibiotics and havnt had an IBS flare up since seeing Layla.
I now have done 3 detox programs which I will continue to do seasonally as she recommends.
— Flavia, Sydney
It will sound like a cliché but Layla simply saved my life. I came to see her over a year ago as I got diagnosed with celiac disease and she helped me make sense of what was ‘wrong’ with me.

She took extra time to listen and followed me closely through my journey and I’m now the best version of myself. I was constantly sick and suffering with chronic fatigue. Now my energy levels have never been so good, I havn’t been sick once and I am mental health has improved so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Stephanie, Dee Why
I have been working with Layla on and off for 5 years for support with depression and anxiety. Depression runs in my family and when I first came to see Layla I was taking a bag full of meds which I had been taking for years without any change. I had become dependent and was very sick, very lonely and very unhappy.

Layla started off helping me with my diet which was terrible and we started this slowly so I didn’t “freak out and quit”. We reduced my meds and I took herbs and supplements as well.

Layla gave me counselling sessions, recommended I see other practitioners like massage and a psychotherapist and she also taught me to meditate which I now do every day and have done for 2 years.
I no longer take any medication. I’m fit. Have a new job. Am extremely happy and about to marry the woman of my dreams.

I am a completely different person from seeing Layla and I will continue to see Layla to keep on getting better and better.
— Phillip, Narrabeen
I had been struggling with my weight from a thyroid condition since the birth of my daughter. I lost a lot of weight during breastfeeding which leads to me being exhausted and sick all the time
I saw another naturopath and unfortunately, treatment with them lead my thyroid to swing the other way.

When I came to see Layla I had put ON a lot of weight and was almost double the weight I was post birth of my daughter and now I was exhausted, losing my hair and depressed.

I didn’t want to see a dr and I wanted to treat myself naturally.

Layla recommended me to see a GP for testing and then used the results to treat my thyroid condition. With Layla I lost the weight, grew my hair and the best part is I feel happy and normal every day.

Now I manage my health with diet and herbal medicine. Layla taught me to meditate which helps me to manage my mood and also to sleep. Thanks Layla!!
— Sophie, Mona Vale
Layla was recommended to me by a friend who had just undergone Layla’s detox program and was looking incredible.

I was overstressed, not sleeping well, had chronic digestive issues that felt like I was allergic to everything I ate and I was unhappy in life.

Upon meeting Layla, I felt immediately at ease. She was warm, kind and understanding. We talked through each of the issues that I needed help with and then looked deeper at other issues that I had learned to live with, mainly to do with low energy levels, high-stress levels and low self-confidence.

I was diagnosed as a celiac and also a digestive condition called SIBO. This gave me the comfort that there was actually something wrong and it could be healed.

Layla walked me through an easy, realistic plan to get my health back on track. After 1 month I saw significant results. After 6 months I now feel better than I’ve ever felt. My conditions are 99% healed, I have more energy than ever, my stress is manageable, I sleep perfectly and feel amazing. I still have the same job, but changed my lifestyle to manage my life better.

I am so grateful to have been guided by Layla to heal my body naturally. Her support and expertise are second to none!
— Rachel, Austinmere
I often would see Layla in my yoga class and all I wanted was to look as healthy and fit as her. When I discovered she was a naturopath, I booked straight in and haven’t looked back.

My main goal was weight loss but Layla made me realise I also needed to fix my anxiety and depression which I have struggled with all my life.
Layla worked with me on my diet and using food as medicine. I have learned so much from being a patient of Layla’s and have been so inspired by her that I am now studying Nutrition at college.

I have come so far from where I was with my mood and happiness. I am not always free from anxiety and depression but I know how to manage things and prevent myself from the common slippery slope that I know.

I now have a squeaky clean diet and can contact Layla whenever I need to for a quick question about health and she is always happy to help me.
— Isobelle, Fairlight